New 3D Printer Project, the iTopie

ITopie RepRap 2.pngToday I started a new 3D Printer build. I found what appears to be a great derivative of the Prusa i3, the iTopie. The i3 looks simple to build but it looks as if it could be a little flimsy with the threaded rod frame.

The original design was made for 16mm MDF. Home Depot only has 1/2 inch so I modified the DXF file a bit to compensate. I also added a handle on the top of the printer frame and make the base a little taller so I could fit an ATX power supply under there.

I used the CNC Router to cut out the parts. The overall cutting time was about 2 hours or so. There was about 3 hours of modding the DXF file and fixing mistakes I made (like forgetting to cut one slot on the frame). Although a super pain to re-position and align everything, the slot did come out in the correct location and the frame assembled together nicely.

I threw on some primer and think the final color will be blue with grey printed parts. Below are some in-process photos.

iTopie iTopie iTopie