Membership is a mere $60 a month! …a small price to pay for eternal happiness. ($50/month with recurring payment)

Student Membership is available for $25 a month. You need to give starving students a break!

24/7 access to facility and equipment during (anyone may visit during open hours)
Email address at
Access to members only areas of our website
Open access all stages of group projects/workshops

Submission Process
Download and fill out the Membership Application
Download and fill out the Liability Waiver
Bring documents to weekly meeting. Alternately, send application to address specified on application document.
A member of the Board will accept application for review.
A background check may be conducted to validate the membership agreements.
The membership application and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.
Acceptance or rejection letter will be sent to the applicant’s address defined in the application document.

Legal Agreement
As a member, you will represent CT Hackerspace in the public eye. It is our mission to remove the negative stigmatism associated with the term hacker. We are not crackers, criminals or other malicious individuals. We are engineers, scientists, techies, artists, innovators, inventors; individuals that understand how things work.

If person is accused of any act involving moral or ethical issues under any law, or any act which casts an unfavorable light upon the association with CT Hackerspace, Inc. Or if person is accused of performing or committing any act which would could adversely impact CT Hackerspace, Inc events, programs, services, or reputation, CT Hackerspace, Inc. shall have the right to terminate membership or reject application with fifteen (15) days written notice specifying the reason, within which period person may cure such offense. The determination of whether and to what extent the offense is cured shall be made by CT Hackerspace, Inc. at its sole discretion.

To create an open environment, all communication between members shall remain confidential unless all participating parties form an alternative agreement. This agreement will provide safety and comfort to members when discussing particular projects or technologies without having to fear their ideas being used in an unintentional way.

Minor Policy
To ensure the safety and well being of minors, all members under the age of 18 will be required to be under supervision of a member older than 18 while being present at the CT Hackerspace facility.

Currently there are 4 membership categories. The household membership is designed to suit members living under a single roof. House hold membership starts with a base price then each additional “line” is multipled by a constant. Additonal “line” is defined as any additional person within the same house hold. Each member under the house hold membership must submit proof of address with membership. Regular membership is designed for the majority. Youth membership is designed to relieve those that are underage but must still be supervised (See Minor Policy). Starving hacker membership is designed for those struggling financially. Starving hackers can earn membership by teaching classes and/or other volenteer work. Those interested in starving hacker membership should contact a board member for further information. The pricing for the membership categories may change depending on CT Hackerspace’s current financial requirements.