Hot Enough For Ya? Web-Connected Hackerspace Shares Environmental Conditions

hotenoughCome winter time, the hackerspace can get kind of cold. And in the summer, it can get darn hot! To give members a heads up of the current temperature in the ‘space before making the journey out here, we created a web-enabled temperature/humidity sensor.

The main device is an ESP8266 which reads a DHT-22 sensor. The temperature and humidity information is sent up to From there, a quick PHP script in our WordPress Widgets section can read and display the current temperature on the website. Since the DHT-22 can also do humidity, we opted for displaying that as well. Visiting the thingspeak page shows a graph of historical data.

ESP8266 Temperature Humidity

The hardware is super simple. A custom milled PCB breakout board holds the ESP8266, the DHT-22 and a couple of screw terminals for a 3.3vdc supply. Since we couldn’t find a wall-wart with close to 3.3v, we opted for a 12 volter with an adjustable voltage regulator. Both PCBs were just glued to the wall-wart which was plugged into a ceiling outlet to keep it out of the way. Simple and effective!
ESP8266 Temperature Humidity On the right side of our webpage, check out the displayed data, it’s updated every minute:

Below is what the Thingspeak historical data looks like:

ESP8266 Temperature Humidity

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