Carpool to LBR’s Test Rocket Payload Launch

CT Hackerspace has been a long time supporter of Eric Sims and his organization “Lets Build Rockets“ (LBR). We are excited in our long term, on going support in his goal to launch an open source liquid fueled rocket to an altitude of 5km.

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This event is at White’s Field ( Durham CT) will include payload tests for data to support the larger ongoing project. Carpool plans to meet at CT Hackerspace at 9AM and drive over for at 10AM event.

LBR is planning on launching two model rockets. The larger one (orange) will be launched with a G-impulse motor and will carry the horizon tracker payload built by our intern, Pooja Swami. (You can read more about the payload here: The smaller one (purple) will be launched with an E-impulse motor, just for fun 🙂
We don’t actually know what time the two rockets will be launched, but there will be other CATO members launching their rockets as well at this event.
CATO will be hosting their annual summer picnic at the launch as well. Hot dogs and burgers are provided by the club.
They ask that you bring something to share if you would like to participate.

Please inform LBR on what you are planning to bring if you do.

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