Announcing Tom’s Tag Sale Fundraiser

Tom’s Tag Sale

This fundraising idea has been presented by Tom to try to assist in additional fundraising to help Ct Hackerspace and help it’s members at the same time..

The table is set up. Let’s try it and see what happens!

Here’s How it works:
  • Bring in your Item
  • Tag it appropriately
  • 30 Day Countdown Starts
  • Price of item halves in 30 days automatically. (Seller pulls from table, or leaves it at 50% price)
  • CT Hackerspace gets 10% of ORIGINAL PRICE

If price is lowered due to 30 day rule or by the buyer and seller in negotiating, CTH still gets 10% of the original Price.

[ Example: Drill on table listed for $20. Drill is sold in 45 days (past 30 day ½ price point) . Seller gets $8 and CTH $2 ]

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