3 Axis Pololu Stepper Driver Breakout Board

Pololu Breakout BoardI finally got a chance to take some better pictures of this breakout board. My plan for this board is to
have a very generic set-up able to drive up to 3 bipolar stepper motors utilizing the ubiquitous and inexpensive Pololu drivers. The drivers plug into headers which I choose simply because I have a bunch of them laying around.

The board brings out the Motor power, digital power, motor coil connections and step/direct pins to convenient screw terminals. From my perspective, the screw terminals provide the best balance between easy connection and durability. From a connection standpoint, all that is needed is the stripped end of a wire. No special connectors need to be crimped or soldered on, simply strip and connect. From a durability standpoint, the connections are pretty robust once the screws are tightened.

I choose point to point wiring on perfboard for the build. Although it is not as pretty as an etched or milled circuit board, I feel as though it is a pretty good rapid proto-typing system for circuits that need to be put together quickly yet be durable enough to be used and abused. I also feel as though I can get far better with this method so I will likely continue to sharpen my point to point skills in the future.

Pololu Breakout Board


Pololu Breakout Board


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