Time is running out to sign up for the NORTH EAST GRID DOWN COMMUNICATIONS COURSE

This 2 day intense course is happening Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th. Secure your place today!

This course is designed for individuals with a novice to intermediate level of commo experience, who might have a Technician or General Class Amateur Radio License. Personal equipment is required for those who would like to participate in the field training exercise (bring your own commo gear). Individuals without an amateur radio license can practice operation on license-free communications bands or engage in communications monitoring activities.

CONTACT: dialtoneblog@gmail.com

The class revolves around the following topics:

Considerations for Survivalist/3% and prepper communications.
Communications gear and test equipment.
Basic communications monitoring focused for 3% VHF/UHF COMINT. (how to get the most out of your scanner radio)
Services available for use – advantages and disadvantages of each. (HAM, CB, FRS, MURS, etc…)
Field expedient techniques.
The class consists of a one-day classroom instruction period and a one-day field training exercise (FTX). The FTX is held rain or shine. Dress and prepare yourself appropriately.

Registration cost for this course is $235. Current CT Hackerspace members enjoy this class free of charge, but they need to contact the instructor to hold your space. Course fees are non refundable. If I cancel, the class you will receive a full refund. If you can not make it, someone else can come in your place. Hotel, travel, and meal arrangements/expenses are the responsibility of the course attendee. Preferred payment method is payee blank USPS Money Order. You can also pay using Paypal. Contact me via email for payment address (dialtoneblog@gmail.com) and Paypal information. Please include in the email what method you want to use.

Special thanks to sparks31.wordpress.com for his blessing and help in making this class possible.

CONTACT: dialtoneblog@gmail.com

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