New Community Action Projects Tab!

This quick online post is in reminder of the power of community. CT Hackerspace exists and grows because of everyone’s participation. Yes, monthly commitments and donations helps the space exist, but it is the volunteer work everyone does that maintain and grows our community and environment. To help plan and promote these activities, there is now a new menu tab on the CTHackerspace Homepage.

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to do all the extras that are noticed and unnoticed. My challenge to members and non members alike is to ask, could you be doing more to make our community even better and richer ? In an effort to promote and assist in that effort, CT Hackerspace does this currently 3 ways:

  • Participants take their own initiative on improvement projects.
  • Our monthly 4th Tuesday Night Action Meetings to collaborate on improvements.
  • Mini tiger teams form to take on projects and improvements that work on agreed mini tasks and schedules to move to the goals. View the current list here : Google Sheet of CTH Action Projects.
    There’s always something to do, and if nothing you see is of interest, talk to a board member to create your own plan to help improve the community.

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