Multi-Rotor Workshop, Day 2

MRBD2-01On 7-Feb-2015 CT Hackerspace had its second MultiRotor Workshop day. Last time we had successfully built a Quadcopter. It’s an H-frame, loosely following the free plans made available from Flite Test. We used spare parts that people had kicking around and purchased a low-cost KK2 flight controller.

This time we focused on programing the flight controller and configuring the remote. Believe it or not, we even got the Quadcopter to fly! We also spent a little bit of time changing the flight controller settings to make it fly better, and it did. We have a little bit more to do with tuning the software and tidying up the build but overall, not bad for only 2 days of work.

We also had two Hubsan X4 mini quads available for those who wanted to try their hand out at flying. They were crashed a lot!

Some photos from the workshop:

Here’s the H-frame Quadcopter that the group built and will continue to build, painted to easily determine its orientation in the air:



One of the many test flights with our CTH Quadcopter:



Dmitriy getting his hands dirty…:


Here’s Joe flying his Phantom at a precarious height:


Busy Day:MRBD2-05

Teamwork makes the build go quickly:


Rich’s Talon V2 Quad Project:


We even let a fixed wing Slow-Stick airplane join the party!!!



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