Join the party at CT Hackerspace for the World’s First Giant Robot Fight 10/17, Megabots vs. Suidobashi

We’re talking about hanging out, watching Battling Robots, eating Pizza, making new Friends & more at a Hackerspace! …And why aren’t you  joining in the fun? The long awaited first giant robot fight is happening Tuesday! Why not Catch it with your friends as CT Hackerspace Tuesday, August 17 10PM EST.

Megabots announced that the highly anticipated giant robot duel has a date. Suidobashi Heavy Industry (representing Japan) and MegaBots, Inc.(representing the USA) will fight next week on October 17 at 7pm Pacific time. We are going to be hosting the party / get together on site, broadcasting the video live up on our projector, and cranking sound to the PA system. Join us for a fun get together and cheering for your favorite Megabot.

Suidobashi Heavy Industry and MegaBots, Inc. have spent the past two years upgrading their robots for this competition. Suidobashi has upgraded their KURATAS robot to a 6.5-ton, 13-foot-tall, 87-horsepower combat robot, while MegaBots has recently finished their Eagle Prime robot, a 12-ton, 16-foot-tall, 430-horsepower combat robot. MMA commentator Mike Goldberg and robotics expert Saura Naderi serve as Duel commentators, and Mari Takahashi of Smosh Games serves as a bilingual interviewer for MegaBots and Suidobashi.



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