Join CT Hackerspace in our Maslow CNC build day 11/18 10AM!


After an official unboxing night and a series of built nights during Wednesday Night Open House, we’re ready to get into our 1st weekend Build Day! 

Join in the the CT Hackerspace community to continue out exciting build of our community Maslow CNC on Sunday November 18th.

The Maslow CNC is a unique “vertical” CNC router and is notable for its low cost. The unique vertical design mimics a hanging plotter allowing it to have a 4′ x 8′ cutting area with a footprint 10′ wide x 19″ deep.

Maslow CNC graciously provided CT Hackerspace the official kit to start the project. The CT Hackerspace community, active in hobbyiest CNC ventures, immediately took up a collection for additional materials needed to build out the machine. The community is excited to see the Maslow running in our workshop, side by side with 2 existing DIY CNC builds, along with the Stepcraft Multifunction CNC.


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