Introduction to Microcontrollers Workshop 2/20: The BBC Micro:bit – All levels welcome!

This class is open to all skill levels. It is being presented as a 100% fundraiser to help recoup lost funds due to a glitch in paypal.

100% of all proceeds, including hardware costs (donated), go directly to CT Hackerspace.
This class is open to all skill levels as it is a very helpful course that will discuss microcontrollers, and then walk you through programming using block code. Afterwards, explore the microcontroller individually and receive one on one guidance to assist you in your interests.
Class and Take Home Hardware : $45
Class only and learn on virtual online controller: $20

Prices are per individual, or per family/group (one unit per admission)

Recommend needed to participate in class : Laptop or Chromebook with USB port and Wifi capable. (Otherwise you will need to use PC in Computer lab)