Do It Yourself Home Video Security Workshop

Back by popular demand, a new and updated Workshop Save hundreds of dollars and explore the world of low cost video monitoring. View live or recorded from your phone or your laptop from the next room or anywhere in the world. Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Chuck will take you through his continuing experience in building his own Video Surveillance System that started with a used webcam and has grown over time into a complete multi camera system that can be accessed from anywhere in the internet-connected world. Learn the tricks and inside knowledge to build your own Do It Yourself Video Surveillance System using a variety of equipment that you may already have. Chuck will also share his best online sources to help find a variety of equipment at the best bargain price. Enjoy this workshop with encouraged discussion as well as some hands on time with of some great DIY Surveillance options available.

Suggested Class Donation $20


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