CT Hackerspace’s Micro Controller Group re-launch is a Big Success!

Our new Microcontroller Meetings are now controlled by CT Hackerspace members, and have been a big success with a large, continued following. Dozens of attendees have started coming on a regular basis. This is a great time to be part of this re-launch!

Our next Arduino Pi and Microcontrollers will be a Hardware Talk on Thursday, November 9, 2017.

With topics and direction now controlled by CT Hackerspace members, we are 100% on track with members’ interests and the results are astonishing. Our RE-BOOT MEETING discussed the new strategy moving forward. Also as a thank you everyone who has stayed involved, as well as to welcome new members, all attendees who RSVPd recieved CTH Micro controller Inventor’s Kit filled with extras.

Our next Arduino Pi and Microcontrollers will be a Hardware Talk on Thursday, November 9, 2017. CTH member and engineer Ed Kalin will give a talk covering basic electronics and principles related to micro controller builds. Since this is going to be a hands – on workshop, we are looking for the following supplies to share for the night within everyone in the group . Please bring extra Low voltage light bulbs, wire, alligator clips, masking tape, and multi-meters.

In case you missed Ed’s “Sneak Preview” , he is looking to cover the following in his hands on talk / workshop:

Voltage / Current
Conductor / Insulator
Circuit / Short Circuit
Electrical Units of measurement
Pull up / Pull down resistors
Voltage Dividers
Current Source
Current Sinking
Digital Vs. Analog
Inputs Vs. Outputs
Switches : Definitions & Types
Digital to Analog Conversion
Analog to Digital Conversion
Series & Parallel
Diodes / LEDS
Wire Gauges

We will NOT be covering : ICs, transistors, capacitors, inductors, AC voltage, RF related

Make Plans to attend today!

[ https://www.meetup.com/CT-Hackerspace/events/244343952/ ]


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