CT Hackerspace is hacking the Wish List

Our group is looking to liven up the action along with the ability to publicly show contributors, show progress, and give the group indicators on what the organization needs to invest in if members alone cannot assist.

Goodbye wish list, Hello “WANT IT, GOT IT, DONE”

In years past, members in our community have tried different attempts at a wish list.  A list would go up, some things would show, and the list would disappear after a few items were brought in. Results were lackluster at best, and was abandoned quickly after they were started.

This system is a 3 column list on posted sign. A person seeing a need for something needed for the space.will write the date and the item. Any member who can assist will write their name in the adjacent column. When the item is on site, the third column will tell of the item’s location now on premises.   Items that cannot be fulfilled after a period of time will be items to be considered as recommendations for the space to invest in fulfilling.



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