CT Hackerspace Introducing new Radio Basics Workshop – FREE EVENT, 9/7/2019 at Noon

Just in time to utilize our new emerging radio lab at CT Hackerspace! Dana leads this survey class and open discussion covering the basics of radio. This class is suitable for all persons, from novice to experienced. No equipment is needed.
The class is specifically designed to be beginner-friendly, and we won’t get too technical. In this meeting, you will learn the “big picture” of the radio frequency spectrum. What’s out in the ether, from the lowest frequencies, to microwaves and beyond. The history of radio. How do radios and antennas work? We will discuss commercial, government, industrial, scientific, broadcast and personal uses of the radio spectrum. You will learn about the opportunities available to you to explore and use the airwaves for your own use, communications and entertainment.

We will also cover how you can get involved – Do you need a license? Are there options for using radios without a license? How far can I communicate? Can I hear shortwave broadcasts from around the world? Come learn about the wide world of radio communications!



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