Check out What’s New at CT Hackerspace

If you are tired of watching the latest kitten video that Aunt Marge sent to you, step out and get down to CT Hackerspace. Here is just a few things that you possibly missed out on lately:

More Events than Ever Before


We’ve made a strong effort to increase our offering of events and classes than ever before! Bowl Turning, Home Surveillance, Programming, Stained Glass Making, Welding, Soldering, Electronics, and more. Keep our Meetup Page in your favorites to keep up on what’s happening next!

Wait, Did you say Welding?


YES! We are proud to start offering limited classes in welding. Covering the basics for now, we will explore more options in the future. Class size is limited so don’t miss out!

More and More Single Board Computers to Try

More Single Board Computers

We have more SBCs beyond your standard Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Explore the world of UUDO, Paralella, $9 Chip, Kangaroo, just to name a few.

New Life in our Delta 3D Printer

New Work on the Community Delta 3D Printer

The dust has literally been blown off this project, and is being reworked with new controllers, sensors, and a heated bed.

Laser Cutter Rebuild

New Work on the Laser Cutter

Salvaged from a project fire, this Laser Cutter is an ongoing community project to rebuild and get running and get cutting!

Thousands of Electronic Parts

Thousands of Electronic Parts

Now in stock for your use, thousands of Components, ICs, and Electronic Hardware available for your every need.

CTH Laser Printer Repaired, Upgraded and Working

Laser Printer Updated and Running

Not the cause for the biggest celebration, but it’s always handy to have a working Laser Printer at the space.

New Arrivals to the Metal Shop

New Shop Equipment Arriving

Just in this weekend, a donation of a Logan Lathe and a Jet Mill : Fresh for cleanup and put to use in the shop.

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