3D Printing: Not Just For Do-Dads Anymore PART II

This follow up Article adds to Rich’s Article about the emerging use of 3D printing in everyday life. (https://www.cthackerspace.com/3d-printing-not-just-for-do-dads-anymore/)

vents-sidebysideAs Hackerspaces are usually cutting edge environments to advances in technology that will trickle down in time, I’m watching the 3D printer being used more and more for practical purposes. The printed novelties were fun and educational, now we are getting into the real value of the printers.

This month I used Onshape, A free online CAD software solution to create a solution to a broken piece in my clothes dryer vent outlet. From years of use, the tiny protective grate that was found in the bottom of the exhaust chute had cracked and wore out.


After looking for a replacement piece, I came to learn that one had to buy the entire Exhaust Chute to get a replacement part. I saw this as a waste of money and extra parts.

Like Rich, the solution was available at my fingertips – Along with the added bonus of educating myself more in CAD design and 3D printing. After completion and an hour print, the new piece is ready to go!


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