Laser Cutter Info

To Do:

Setup computer system. Software available here

Fix Z Axis

Install Ventilation System

Determine Z Axis Motor Belt size

Buy Z Axis Motor Belt

Buy Vent Blower

Buy Fire-Proof Gloves


Build material rack

Add air assist

Build Rotary attachment


Brand: Universal Laser Systems

Model: M300

Electrical Power: Single Phase 100/220V AC, 10/5 Amp, 50/60 Hz Grounded (earthed) and stable (surge and spike protected)

Outside Ventilated Exhaust System: High-pressure vacuum blower capable of 250 CFM (cubic feet per minute) @ 6 inches static pressure (425m3/hr at 1.5kPa) example

Laser Safety: CO2 Laser, Interlocked Safety Enclosure = Class I ,  Red Diode Pointer = Class IIIa


Laser Source: 50 watt CO2 Laser Cartridge

Work Area: 24” x 12” (609.6 x 304.8 mm)

Available Options: Rotary Fixture, Air Assist (standard or computer controlled), Air Compressor (desiccant or refrigerated dryer options), Honeycomb Cutting Table, Dual Head, Assorted Focal Length Lens Kits



ULS M-300 Laser Manual

Universal Laser Document Page M300 Rules and Instructions

FabLab M300 How-To