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Co-founder and President at CT Hackerspace. Technology Enthusiast, Hackerspace Evangelist.

COVID-19 Update

As additional cases are confirmed across the U.S., we want you to know that the CT Hackerspace team continues to monitor news and public information sources including Centers for Disease Control (CDC); World Health Organization; and state and local health departments for the communities that we are proud to be a part of.

As of now, nothing has changed with our meetings. If you feel uncomfortable, have traveled within the last month, or you are feeling under the weather, we suggest declining to visit the space at this time. We are also closely monitoring each day, and will notify you if this status changes.

New Community Action Projects Tab!

This quick online post is in reminder of the power of community. CT Hackerspace exists and grows because of everyone’s participation. Yes, monthly commitments and donations helps the space exist, but it is the volunteer work everyone does that maintain and grows our community and environment. To help plan and promote these activities, there is now a new menu tab on the CTHackerspace Homepage.

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FYI – CTH New food policy

As you know, we try to keep rules to a minimum as we all respect┬áthe hackerspace and community. Due to a recent ongoing problems over the last few months of pests finding discarded food remnants in trash containers, the board has requested that all your food related trash, recyclables, and empty containers be taken with you out of the space at the end of your visit – This includes cans and bottles purchased from the refrigerator.

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