The LAST Sparks31 Class. EVER.

If you kept saying you wanted to go, and couldn’t for whatever reasons, this is your last chance.

This is the LAST Sparks31 Class being held. EVER. July 20th through 21st

CT Hackerspace has the honor of hosting the last in long, impressive series of classes from decades of experience in Technology, Intelligence, & Communications. If you paid for a past class, and couldn’t make it because something happened on your end, this is your last chance.


Sparks31 has distilled thirty plus years of experience in the electronic communications field (and not just as a hobbyist as some people erroneously think) working with companies such as Motorola, General Dynamics, Raytheon, MCI, and United Technologies. This is not a go into the field and set up radios after talking about different radio services and police scanners class. This is a brain dump that’ll help upgrade your electronic communications skill set by an order or two of magnitude, from one of the people who helped start the technological survival movement.
CT Hackerspace members perk: Members are invited to this event free of charge but please inform SPARKS so he can keep head count.

If you kept saying you wanted to go, and couldn’t for whatever reasons, this is your last chance… ..Unless you want to dump $2,000+ for a private class.

16 thoughts on “The LAST Sparks31 Class. EVER.

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