FYI – CTH New food policy

As you know, we try to keep rules to a minimum as we all respect the hackerspace and community. Due to a recent ongoing problems over the last few months of pests finding discarded food remnants in trash containers, the board has requested that all your food related trash, recyclables, and empty containers be taken with you out of the space at the end of your visit – This includes cans and bottles purchased from the refrigerator.

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Join us as CT Hackerspace welcomes the CT Home Shop Machinists Group April 14th at 2pm

CT Hackerspace welcomes the Connecticut area Home Shop Machinist group on April14th at 2pm.  The Connecticut area Home Shop Machinist group is a local community of Hobbyist machinists and enthusiasts. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other hobbyists and learn new techniques or share your projects with others.

Home shop machining is often a solitary hobby, as are most hobbies now according to “Bowling Alone”. The the Connecticut area Home Shop Machinist group (CTHSM) is an attempt to get area Home Shop Machinists’s to know one another, and thus make our hobby a little less solitary and more fun for everyone. The Connecticut HSM Group usually meets on the Sunday each month at local member’s shops. We are honored and excited to host the CTHSM meeting at our space. Please join us for an interesting afternoon.