CT Hackerspace 3D Printer Party and Hackathon 2/19

CT Hackerspace is having their Next 3D Printing Party!

Have you been wondering about 3D printing? Are you thinking of buying or building your own 3D Printer? Do you have a printer but have questions? Has your 3D printer project stalled? Do you have one and want to learn more? Join us for a fun event centered around the 3D printing revolution and join in the fun.

Event starts Sunday, February 19, 2017 at  11:00 AM

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Hey, Is This Thing On? A Visual Device-Status Indicator Story

DIY humidifier on active indicator LED assembled frontIt’s winter and the air in my house is dry, humidity at about 30%. That’s too low to be comfortable. I’ve lived in my new place for less than one year so the low winter humidity hadn’t been a problem for me yet. Good thing there’s a whole-house humidifier on the forced-hot-air heating system. I’ll just turn that on, right? Wrong. I don’t think this system had ever worked since it was installed…. Continue reading

We Love new Tech! See the STEMTera Breadboard in person this Wednesday Night 1/25 at 7pm


Just arriving from a kickstarter backed campaign, this is the first run prototype boards of the STEMTera Breadboard – Arduino compatible built-in breadboard. It’s the world’s first Arduino compatible built-in breadboard with Arduino shields, LEGO® bricks and native USB support.


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CT Hackerspace hosts Waterbury Area Gaming Society

CT Hackerspace hosts Waterbury Area Gaming Society! The Waterbury Area Gaming Society is dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of gaming in all its forms. We look to provide a place for people to meet and have fun, and to share new games with each other. Gaming runs from 1:00 until everyone wants to leave! Anyone is free to come and play from any of the games we’ve brought, or bring your own to share with us. All ages are welcome – gamers under 18 please bring a parent.

Our first hosting will be on January 22nd at 1pm-10pm

Open Garage Door Indicator Light

garage door open indicator comicI admit it, I’ve left my garage door open all night… a few times. Doing so leaves all of my precious spare parts exposed for the taking! And maybe more importantly, provides access to the inside of my house…. not a good situation. I’ve been thinking about making some sort of indicator (inside the main house) for when the garage door is open. This would alert the home owner (me) that the garage is open.

After thinking about it for a while, I believe I came up with the simplest way to do this….

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