Milling Machine Fundamentals

CTH Equipment Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a Milling Machine? At our most recent “Intro to the CTH Workshop“, Matt gave a great overview of our Bridgeport milling machine. Attendees learned the specific uses for┬ádrilling, milling and boring as well as how to change the tool in the machine. Matt also went over using an edge finder and the DRO (digital readout) for super accurate positioning. Now, no piece of metal is safe from modification into some cool project. Each “Intro to the CTH Workshop” will focus on a different piece of equipment. Future workshops will be listed on MeetUp.

One thought on “Milling Machine Fundamentals

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Matt’s workshop covering the machine shop tool use was outstanding. His experience in this field is obvious and he delivers a huge amount of useful information.
    This shop introduction (and hands on examples) was not only useful in using CT Hackerspace equipment, but gave me a great understanding in metal working fundamentals.

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