Multirotor Workshop

We have successfully built a Quadcopter. It’s an H-frame, loosely following the free plans made available from Flite Test. We used spare parts that people had kicking around and purchased a low-cost KK2 flight controller.

Last meeting we were flying the Quadcopter inside. Last time, we got the FPV setup. This time we’ll button up some minor stuff and have it’s maiden voyage outside.

Because we will have power tools tooling and Multi-Rotors flying, we need to limit this Workshop to attendees ages 13 and up, 13-17 year olds require a parent.

Learning To Fly

We are at the point where we need to learn to fly this thing. We will have two mini Hubsan X4 quadcopters to practice flying around a mini obstacle course. 

If you are interested in learning to pilot a Quadcopter, check out this video overview of the controls: </a><a href=”″> 
or this one showing some training exercises:

Building Your RC ‘Copter/Plane/Car

In addition, if you have an RC project that needs a kick in the pants, bring it down to CTH. We have all the tools and teamwork you could possibly need to get your project back on track.

Some photos from the previous workshop:

Here’s the H-frame Quadcopter that the group built and will continue to build:

One of the many test flights with our CTH Quadcopter:

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