MAKE YOUR OWN 3D Printer Workshop – FULL!

Paul Langdon, active maker/inventor and instructor who is involved with MakeHartford as well as being a Hackster.IO ambassador, will be offering his class at CT Hackerspace. During this workshop, students will use a kit to assemble their own Prusa i3 style printer, whichyou will then get to keep and take home. You will also learn how to connect the printer to their computer, set it up and actually make things. There are no prerequisites for this class other than having a computer and being able to operate it.
Cost of this class is $200, and this INCLUDES the cost of the Prusa i3 3D printer kit. A registrant can be individual, team build, or family. You will not be fully registered for this workshop untilpayment is complete by submitting $200 Cash or Check (Payable to Paul Langdon) at CT Hackerspace OR $200 paypal is sent to “” by October 27th, 2018(A separate $5 cost will be taken day of class to get Pizza/Drinks for lunch break)

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