Many DIY projects require welding.  This can be a show stopper for many hobbyists.  Do you dream of building a roll cage, bicycle, tools or furniture?

In this two day introductory workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of welding.

We will start with a bit of basic theory and safety.  It can be intimidating to get started welding because of the potential dangers involved and the complexity of the equipment.

Starting with torch welding has a lot of advantages, what you learn by torch welding is applicable to all other forms of welding.

We will also talk about welding on a budget, and what types of welding are best for you.

This two day class will cover:

• Safety

• Oxyfuel welding

• Oxyfuel cutting

• Brazing

Additional classes will build upon what you have learned and will include;

• MIG welding (GMAW)

• TIG welding (GTAW)

• Plasma Cutting

This introductory workshop will be required for future workshops, as the information builds upon past classes.

Taught by Wade Barocsi an automotive welding and metallurgy instructor at NVCC.


Tuesday December 29 at 6-8:30pm and Saturday January 2nd 1-3:30pm.

CTH Member Cost $49 + $20 materials fee.

Non-Member Cost $59 + $20 materials fee.

(Cost covers both days)

15 minimum age, parent required for under 18.

 Adult free with paid youth admission.

Cash or check payment upon arrival to the workshop is fine. We can accept credit cards through Paypal as well.

Limited to 6 students.  Pre-registration required

All proceeds will go to support CT Hackerspace.

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