Intro To Web Publishing 101

This is a general class for learning how to do web publishing for all skill levels. Absolute beginners will get a crash course in creating a simple website, and more advanced developers can expect help with writing javascript, css problems, or anything related to web technology.

For more information, please feel free to contact my email:

The class will be run at CT Hackerspace.

CT Hackerspace is a DIY and Technology oriented group located in the US State of Connecticut. Connecticut’s Oldest and Largest Hackerspace. Providing a community workshop and prototyping center with a growing community to help make your ideas real by our ALL VOLUNTEER community.

CT Hackerspace is collaborating to build a community and space to support a wide array of technical and creative disciplines through infrastructure, inspiration, making and sharing.

Come down and check us out! We have a 4,000 sq ft space full of tools, materials and knowledgeable members.

Joshua Tenner is the Senior Web Developer of the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership – Husky Dental Program.

Active CT Members receive 50% discount

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