Intro to Parametric 3D Modelling using OnShape

Cost: Non-Members $20 РCTH Members: $10 РAbout 1.5 hours

This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of 3D Modeling. We will review the carteasian coordinate system, Planes and Axes. We will go over sketching and extruding shapes as well as adding part features such as chamfers and fillets. This is a beginner class for people with limited or no exposure to drafting or modeling. 

We will be using a free browser-based program called OnShape. The commands and workflow are very similar to Solidworks.

At the end of the class attendees will have learned the basics of parametric 3D modeling and understand the dimensioning of and relationships between part features. At the end of the session, attendees will export an STL file of their recently-created model that is compatible with most 3D Printers.


1. basic computer literacy

2. sign up for a free account (do this well before the class)

Important: Bring your own Laptop and OnShape account info!

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