CTH Starts / Reboots local Micro-controller Group

From the start of Hackster Hardware Meetup, everyone was excited and involved with what Hackster had to offer. Unfortunately, over time, we saw that the group’s interest was not the same, and many of Hackster’s topics we not of primary interest to the group.

WE HAVE HEARD YOUR CONCERNS. WE ARE RE-LAUNCHING THE GROUP LOCALLY, topics and direction now controlled by CT Hackerspace members.

Please Attend our RE-BOOT MEETING OCTOBER 12th where we will discuss the new strategy moving forward.

To thank everyone who has stayed involved, as well as to welcome new members, all attendees who RSVP and show up will receive a CTH Micro controller Inventor’s Kit filled with extras to assist in your next Arduino / Raspberry Pi / ESP Project.

Though it is past most regular business hours, please be respectful not block loading bays or active businesses. Entrance is the rear main door on second level, follow the signs and take one flight up. The Rear Entrance is located up at the top of the ramp.

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