CT Hackerspace Space Upgrade Party

CT Hackerspace Space Upgrade Party

DEC 3 & DEC 4

On the heels of The Space Clean Up Weekend, we are continuing trying to make the best use of the community space, which means from time to time to take, a look around with a critical eye and make a fair assessment of use of space and make adjustments. With a recently cleaned community space, we are ready to commit to upgrades and toss uninterested items from the holding area created at clean up two weeks earlier. Member meetings have determined what we are keeping the same and what is being updated. Major updates include (1) Creating CT Printing Section, (2) Organizing Flex space and table / chair storage / unmount old projectors, (3) Creating Sponsor Section, (4) Creating Visitor and Exhibit Section, (5) Final Organization of “dead area” adjacent to storage shelving (6) Improvements to all shop areas. Still in discussion : (1) Creating dust wall adjacent to storage area and Moving CNC, (2) Status of Laser Printer, (3) Amateur Radio / SDR Desk with Roof Access. Also executing the “little things that get put off” will be encouraged. Your help is always appreciated and your ideas on how to execute the details on implementing upgrades voted in by the group.


After weeks and weeks of prep, the big move weekend is upon us

For those of you who haven’t been at the space, there has been quite an amount of cleaning, organizing, and equipment staging.¬†

Notes below are taken from the planning chalk board:

Tasks hopefully finished by this weekend

Keep tidying with a CRITICAL EYE

To be Done: Electronics Area (Chuck volunteered)

To be Done: Continue Storage area 

To be Done: Wood Stock

To be Done: Metal Stock

PLANS for Saturday/Sunday:

Decide to move large CNC to woodshop (and leave it or install it)

Large flat drawer cabinet (with new top and side protectors) to shop

Decision to move lathes

Add Surface grinder to metal shop

Include unused belt sander to metal shop

Populate flat drawer with planned parts

CREATE 3D Printer Area

CREATE Sponsor Area

CREATE Exhibit / Welcoming Area

CREATE Co-Working space for at least 3 desks

CREATE CART PARKING LOT for Important (but used less)Tools (Welding, Casting, Woodturning, Pottery)

Organize alarm system. add new monitor (bill dropped old one and is replacing)

Add top to feature to flat drawers & transfer parts

Build second A frame tool cart (Bill/Tom)

Organize and shadowboard both A frame tool carts

Plan Faux Wall and Rolling Chair Rack

And, as an additional reminder, Nothing pulled is being thrown away. All questionable products (which have been out for member inspection for the last two weeks) will remain in a “final” staging area for any member to tag and place back into service, or, remove it themselves if they were donor of that piece to the space.

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