CT Hackerspace celebrates the new 3d Printer and Unboxing

CT Hackerspace celebrates the WanHao 20/20 Challenge! We are celebrating the purchase our latest 3D Printing machine for community use at the space. Let’s Unbox, Set up, and Get Printing! A a few years ago Bill at CT Hackerspace won a fantastic 3D Printer from Lulzbot in a Hackerspace Contest. The printer has been great, logging in over 1,000 prints since it has been available to our community. One reason for its success is the fact that we have kept in place rules to keep the machine stock, non-modified, and ready to use like it came out of the box. This has lowered the barrier to entry to hundreds of users who have used it over the past several years.
The concern is that a growing number of members in our community are ready to use a community machine at an intermediate or advanced level. People looking to try different filament, nozzles, and other cool modifications. Being that we wish to keep the lulzbot at default options has shackled some members’ creations. There has always been options to use many of the hand built machines, but sometimes the cost of time isn’t worth the effort for the print.
The WanHao 3D printer is now the answer. It is cost effective for our needs, has positive reviews, and furthermore, a resilient community helping other WanHao owners with troubleshooting and modifications. Our goal was been reached for the machine. Join in and celebrate it’s unboxing during Wednesday Day Open Space on 11/15

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