Collaborate with CT Home Shop Machinists Group At CTH

The Connecticut area Home Shop Machinist group is a local community of Hobbyist machinists. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other hobbyists and learn new techniques or share your projects with others.

Home shop machining is often a solitary hobby, as are most hobbies now according to “Bowling Alone”. The CTHSM group is an attempt to get area HSM’s to know one another and thus make our hobby a little less solitary. The Connecticut HSM Group usually meets on the Sunday each month at local member’s shops. This is the first CTHSM meeting at CTH.

Pictures from past CTHSM meetings:

See for more information on this group.

How to <a>‎find us</a>: 

CT Hackerspace at 30 Echo Lake Road, 3rd floor Watertown, CT. GPS will get you to the address, then follow Silk Street around to the back of building if the front gate is locked.

Enter rear main door on second level, and take one flight up. The Rear Entrance is located up at the top of the ramp.

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