Carpool to first annual FUBACON: A Competition for Truly Awful Robots

[Meet at CT Hackerspace and drive down]

FUBAR Labs is excited to announce the first annual FUBACON: A Competition for Truly Awful Robots on August 16, 2015! The event is intended to encourage everyone – young and old – to take a stab at building there own robot, regardless of their previous experience or technical ability.
“Most robot competitions encourage excellence,” says Rachel Kremen, Community Liason for FUBAR Labs and organizer for the event. “At FUBAR Labs, we want to encourage people to make something, have fun, and learn! Perfection is not required! We are eager to see your half-baked ideas in action!”
The competition will follow the rules for Hebocon, the sumo robot competition held in Japan that inspired the folks at FUBAR Labs to hold their own event. Simply put, two truly awful robots will enter a small arena. The robot that stays in the arena the longest, without falling over, wins. The intention is to keep the robots low budget and low tech, so points will be deducted for robots that use remote controls or automated sensors. Robots also won’t be allowed to compete if they feature anything designed to permanently decommission the competition, such as fire or spinning saw blades.

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