Build your own Robot!

Build your own Robot!

CTH Build a Robot Class

This fun and interactive event is great for both as individual as well as a perfect family project class. Guest Instructor John Robert will take you through an intensive, all day class where participants will assemble and program their very own robot.

This class is open to wide age range, from Middle School & High School students to adults, where you will discover:

Computer programming
DC Motors
Distance sensors
Bluetooth technology
Android smartphone programming


Computer Programming Conventions and techniques
(loops, if/else statements, arrays, variables, saving data to a database, etc)

Harness this coding knowledge to upload programs from Arduino micro-controller, the brains of our bot

Build the robot chassis, solder components and attach the motors

Learn the basics of DC motor control, using code and the T86612 H-Bridge chipset

Explore controlling the bot using a smartphone (over Bluetooth)

Explore navigating a course using distance and infra-red sensor to guide it

Create and burn your own PCB boards

Cost, including Robot components, is $150 per family or individual.
(Additional Robot kits $100.)

Prepayment is required for this class. We will reach out to you individually to coordinate registration.

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