ArduinoPi Presents: Build Night

• What we’ll do
Got a project that you have been working on but there’s that one problem that is holding you up? Have an Arduino or Raspberry Pi that you have been meaning to play around with and blink some LEDs? Need to put the finishing touches on your robot? This is the night for you!

We are going to have some dedicated time for everyone to get together and work on their projects! This is a great time to work with everyone to push your project a little further than it was before and get your questions answered! We’ll have soldering irons and multi-meters on hand and there will also be some sensors and other components available to hook up to your Arduino. We’re a little low on dilithium crystals, so it is first come, first served!

• What to bring
Your project, your questions, your Arduino (or whichever board you are working with), and yourself!

• Important to know

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