3D Printer Workshop

It’s time for another 3D Printer Workshop at CT Hackerspace. A fun all day hackathon! Members and Non-Members are invited. There is no cost. If your printer project has stalled, bring it in and get it going again. We have all the tools you could need to continue your printer project!

Several folks will be working on their printer projects. Come on down to help out, see the printers or just to check out our ‘space! There will also be working printers on site in case you need a piece or two for your project. If you don’t have a printer but feel like tinkering, we have 2 community printers that could use your help!

Show up any time, the ‘space will be open for several hours.

We will be testing a brand new prototype for 3D print smoothing. Safer than acetone bath and supposedly works on a variety materials. The chemical is in for the testing. Bring your test parts to see how they finish!

Getting Here!!! It’s a little tricky getting to the ‘space for the first time. Park in the parking lot at the end of Silk St, Watertown CT, see the below image. Walk up the ramp and enter the door on the right. Once in the building, take the 2nd door on the right, go up one flight of stairs to the 3rd floor, go through a door and take an immediate right. Walk down the hall a few feet, we’ll be on the left, can’t miss us!

Contact info: http://www.cthackerspace.com/findus/ ( http://www.cthackerspace.com/findus/ )

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