CT Hackerspace’s Build a 3D Printer Workshop a fun success!

Paul Langdon, active maker/inventor and instructor who is involved with MakeHartford as well as being a Hackster.IO ambassador, offered a full day workshop at CT Hackerspace. All participants assembled and took home their own Prusa i3 style printer! In addition Paul covered information on how to connect the printer to their computer, set it up and actually make things. Paul has created a reference page for all his resources at https://github.com/plangdon/3D-Printer-2018/blob/master/README.md.

More Photos of the event below:

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CT Hackerspace hosts ‘Scaling Up with CircuitPython’ FREE Workshop Thursday 11/15

Scaling Up with CircuitPython Workshop Thursday, November 15, 2018

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the hobbyist community. It is easy to learn and has strong community support. It is used for a variety of tasks from AI to server administration and now even to run microcontrollers.

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CT Hackerspace Class 10/20: Introduction to Web Publishing – 1: HTML

Take the leap from being a consumer of the World Wide Web to a Contributor! Create your first Web page with this simple guide to understanding HTML.  This class will be a first of series to understanding web page fundamentals that will introduce you to the world of web publishing. In this first class, you will learn what HTML is and how to define a text document as a Web page to get you on your way.

Bring your PC / Laptop to class. The class will start with discussions about the World Wide Web and getting organized, and then start building a and understanding by writing your first web page. After covering the basics, Instructor Joshua Tenner will base on the use style sheets to control look and feel of your pages as well as the power of JavaScript used in many everyday pages.  (Future classes will cover these topics in greater detail.) Class Cost $10.

Meetup Link: https://www.meetup.com/CT-Hackerspace/events/255088904/