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For those of you who missed today’s WordPress workshop, credentials are still available for you to post your own content online. See Rich or Bill for issuing you credentials.

Worried about figuring how to post? Ask Bill, Rich or Keefe. It’s pretty self explanatory …and Rich wrote up a reference sheet on how to post to help ease any trepidation.

With CT Hackerspace’s new site, its easy and is also mobile responsive; I wrote this post entirely and easily from my Android phone

CT Hackerspace wins the 2014 “LulzBot Hackerspace Giveaway”

LulzBot-MiniMany members in our community recognize the full value in what open source can mean with a direct correlation to innovation. We are very excited to see that Lulzbot recognizes our commitment to open source by choosing CT Hackerspace as a winner to their 3D printer giveaway contest . We look forward to working with a community with innovation at the core of their “open” philosophy. The Lulzbot Mini 3D printer will be a great tool to have in pursuing future inventions and creations by both our members and our surrounding community.

UPDATE: Our printer worked right out of the box. The heated build platform and automatic bed probing works excellent. This printer is a real workhorse. Check out our dedicated Lulzbot work station, it’s always ready to rock and roll:

CTH Lulzbot