CTH Presents Extra Special Processing with the ESP8266 Workshop 10/11 at 7pm

Want a cheap and easy way to get WiFi or Bluetooth into your project? Take a look at the ESP8266 and ESP32 modules. Both come on boards that are very inexpensive and can be programmed through the Arduino IDE. These modules can be found all over the internet in various form factors and it can be confusing which to use.

Arduino Pi and Microcontrollers Workshop

October 11, 2018 7PM

ArduinoPi Presents: Extra Special Processing with the ESP8266

Thursday, Oct 11, 2018, 7:00 PM

CT Hackerspace
30 Echo Lake Road, 3rd floor Watertown, CT

5 Hackers and Makers Attending

Want a cheap and easy way to get WiFi or Bluetooth into your project? Take a look at the ESP8266 and ESP32 modules. Both come on boards that are very inexpensive and can be programmed through the Arduino IDE. These modules can be found all over the internet in various form factors and it can be confusing which to use. We will attempt to clear up s…

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We will attempt to clear up some of the mystery of the module and dig into the capabilities of it. There will also be a review of different boards that the module is available on and look at the differences between them. Finally, we will run some demo projects to demonstrate the capabilities.

You can find these boards on Adafruit, Sparkfun, Amazon, and eBay. So if you would like to play along during the presentation, order them from one of the links below and bring your computer with the Arduino IDE installed and we will walk through getting set up.





CT Hackerspace Class 10/20: Introduction to Web Publishing – 1: HTML

Take the leap from being a consumer of the World Wide Web to a Contributor! Create your first Web page with this simple guide to understanding HTML.  This class will be a first of series to understanding web page fundamentals that will introduce you to the world of web publishing. In this first class, you will learn what HTML is and how to define a text document as a Web page to get you on your way.

Bring your PC / Laptop to class. The class will start with discussions about the World Wide Web and getting organized, and then start building a and understanding by writing your first web page. After covering the basics, Instructor Joshua Tenner will base on the use style sheets to control look and feel of your pages as well as the power of JavaScript used in many everyday pages.  (Future classes will cover these topics in greater detail.) Class Cost $10.

Meetup Link: https://www.meetup.com/CT-Hackerspace/events/255088904/

Hacking & Developer Night at 9/18 7pm: Discussing JavaScript


19 Across:

Coffee Cursive



Tonight’s Workshop we will talk about Javascript. From the beginner who wants to understand the basics, to the more seasoned programmer that wants to discuss more in depth, we will explore the world of JavaScript which is so embedded in today’s applications.

Come join us once a month to share and learn about the craft of software development, at the CT Hackerspace. We are a group of developers, programmers, hackers, creators and inventors committed to learning new coding skills, and furthering our software projects.

If you’re totally new to programming, we can guide you through the basics and introduce you to a community of other people all working to improve their own skills in a supportive environment. And if you’re an experienced developer already, think of this as your chance to get some cool work done, or a chance to pick up a new technical skill!

YOU can help carve out a permanent home for our 4’x8′ CNC Machine before it goes!

Recent changes have put the future of our 4′ x 8′ CNC Machine on notice! The CNC, which was on long term loan from one of our older members, has been slated for removal. Your immediate action can change this outcome.

An agreement has been made that the hackerspace can buy the machine permanently for a very reasonable price of $1500. If our users and supporters feel strong enough to make this permanent purchase for the space, now is the time.  Replacement machinery would go for at least twice as much as well as coordinating efforts to build a new one from scratch. Keeping it is a far more attractive option if the community acts now!

Donate now or see a board member for details.

Support the CT Hackerspace Bridgeport Rebuild during our 1:1 Matching Fundraiser



CT Hackerspace has an opportunity to purchase a newer Bridgeport head to replace our existing one.  This new head would help our machine to be fully operational with more turning speeds, and run on better bearings.  We also have the opportunity to $$ DOUBLE YOUR DONATION $$ right now with a private 1 to 1 matching program to make your donation dollars work twice as hard. Help us hit this $500 Goal before we loose out on this opportunity!


ArduinoPi at CT Hackerspace Presents Workshop: Sending Data to the Cloud – Pt Deaux on 5/10/2018

There was so much information in the first session that we had to split into two! In the first session, we learned about shields for the Arduino, using a temperature sensor with the Arduino, and using libraries for both. We also had an overview of the Internet of Things, the Cloud, and dashboards on IoT services such as Adafruit IO.

On May 10th, we are going to bring it all together where we will set up a dashboard on Adafruit IO, read the temperature sensor, and push the data to the dashboard for our viewing pleasure! We will need the Ethernet shield, temperature sensor breakout board, and our Arduino.

If you don’t already have an account on adafruit.com, create one before the class. If you have already bought something on adafruit.com or created and an account, it should transfer over to Adafruit IO. Test it out at io.adafruit.com.

Bring your Arduino, Laptop with Arduino IDE working, USB cable.

Meetup Link [ https://www.meetup.com/CT-Hackerspace/events/249832730/ ]





Milling Machine Fundamentals

CTH Equipment Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a Milling Machine? At our most recent “Intro to the CTH Workshop“, Matt gave a great overview of our Bridgeport milling machine. Attendees learned the specific uses for drilling, milling and boring as well as how to change the tool in the machine. Matt also went over using an edge finder and the DRO (digital readout) for super accurate positioning. Now, no piece of metal is safe from modification into some cool project. Each “Intro to the CTH Workshop” will focus on a different piece of equipment. Future workshops will be listed on MeetUp.