SQL Workshop: SQL Wars aka SQL Jumpstart

Felt left back in this data-centric era?SQL Icon

Have problems describing needed reports to colleagues?

Sean N. Henderson will be helping beginners understand how to get better results at work by understanding SQL – a language used to retrieve portions of data from a database.  Sean is a software developer and IT professional with over two decades experience working with databases and happy to share his knowledge and expertise in this area with the CT Hackerspace community.

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Improvising – Using One tool in the Hacker Toolbox

Success in a roundabout way thanks to improvising.

Hacking is finding your solution and obtaining your goal by out of the box thinking.

One of our projects has been trying to interface an old Vinyl Cutter / Plotter with newer software options (post 1996!) After months verifying separate components, we still have been unable to get get it all of the parts to correctly work as a system. (if you know Linux, Serial, and HPGL we would love help in getting our hardware fired up correctly!)


Custom CNC Mount for Vinyl Cutter Blade

At wit’s end, and help from everyone in the CTH community, the vinyl cutter cutting blade was installed in an improvised mount that was interchangeable with our  operational hand-built CNC router. The vector logo file was loaded and cleaned up in Draft Site. We then converted the image to g-code (compatible the router software) with a 1/16 cut depth.

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Get your community credentials for our new website .

For those of you who missed today’s WordPress workshop, credentials are still available for you to post your own content online. See Rich or Bill for issuing you credentials.

Worried about figuring how to post? Ask Bill, Rich or Keefe. It’s pretty self explanatory …and Rich wrote up a reference sheet on how to post to help ease any trepidation.

With CT Hackerspace’s new site, its easy and is also mobile responsive; I wrote this post entirely and easily from my Android phone

Hold the Date for Saturday – Get Involved in our Online Community.

WebBuild imageCT Hackerspace is changing our website from Drupal to WordPress. One reason for the change is to make it easier for members to create web content on the new cthackerspace.com website. This informal information session will walk though the steps on how to create a web content on our new site as well as explore the available post options.

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Time is running out to sign up for the NORTH EAST GRID DOWN COMMUNICATIONS COURSE

This 2 day intense course is happening Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th. Secure your place today!

This course is designed for individuals with a novice to intermediate level of commo experience, who might have a Technician or General Class Amateur Radio License. Personal equipment is required for those who would like to participate in the field training exercise (bring your own commo gear). Individuals without an amateur radio license can practice operation on license-free communications bands or engage in communications monitoring activities.

CONTACT: dialtoneblog@gmail.com

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