NEW at CT Hackerspace: Community Donation Table – Give. Take. Swap.

Community Donation Table:

Give. Take. Swap.  …Open to anyone!

This Week Items Include:

HDTV Antennas, 18″ Satellite Dish, 220v Soldering irons, Misc Wires, float switches, electrical junction boxes.

  • Have Something that could use a new home?  Drop it Off.
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CT Hackerspace to Bring back Saturday Open Space

saturday calendar
We are going again to start offering Open Space Saturdays! Member and Non-Members are free to attend our always informal Open Space Time. It’s time to work on your project, hang out with the group or just check out the space. We have a plethora of tools and knowledgeable people at your disposal. Come visit and join in the fun, We look forward to meeting you and having you part of our community.

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Stealth Motorcycle Garage Door Opener

motorcycle garage door opener

When starting or ending a motorcycle ride, you’re most likely putting the bike away in a garage. Like paying tolls on a bike, a simple task of opening a garage door becomes just plain inconvenient. You either have to get off the bike to manually open the door or dig around in your pocket for the garage door opener that you might have forgotten. I’ve seen some people velcro the garage door opener to the bike but that looks kinda hokey. This slick hack solves that garage door problem is definitely a DIY-friendly project. Continue reading

3D Printing: Not Just For Do-Dads Anymore PART 3 – WDTV

wdtv 3d printed bracketThere’s a new TV setup at the Bremster household. Flat screen on the wall with no visible wires. There’s one problem though, my WDTV media player. It’s small but still a tad too awkward to be precariously balanced on the top of the TV. Plus, the power, ethernet and HDMI cords sticking out the back don’t let the media player stay aligned with the TV. So what’s a dude to do? Design and 3D print a sweet bracket of course. Continue reading

How to Hob a Bolt (with a Tap & Milling Machine)

wade extruder diagramWith the Wade-style RepRap 3D Printer extruders, the part that actually drives the filament is a ‘hobbed bolt’. A hobbed bolt has a little toothed-groove around its circumference that grips the filament and drives it into the hot-end as the bolt is turned. There’s a few ways to make a hobbed bolt. We’ll show you one way here that utilizes a Tap and Milling Machine.

For a typical Wade-style extruder, an 8mm bolt is used. Since we want to cut the toothed groove completely around the bolt we need that bolt to rotate. What better way to do that than to mount it in a pair of bearings. Regular skate bearings (608zz) have 8mm inner diameters and are actually what are used to support the bolt in the Wade extruder. I designed up a quick 3D-printed bracket to hold a pair of bearings and provide some features for easy clamping in the Milling Machine’s vise.  Continue reading

Super Cheap Power Supply for FIRST Robotics

12v power supplyI’ve had the honor of mentoring a local High School’s FIRST Robotics team. Their robot runs on a 12vdc battery. During most of the testing, the robot doesn’t need to move too far, and watching the battery charge just seems like an unnecessary item to monitor.  So, the alternative is to make a cheap, dedicated power supply.

This thing started off as an old discarded laptop(or similar device) power supply. It had a plug on it, emphasis on ‘had’. It got chopped in order to add a couple of binding posts. These bad boys will accept a bare wire or banana plug. I designed up a couple ‘caps’ and 3D printed them. They are pretty simple and made to fit a little snugly over the power supply. Eventually they will just be glued on to the power supply housing.

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3D Printing: Not Just For Do-Dads Anymore PART II

This follow up Article adds to Rich’s Article about the emerging use of 3D printing in everyday life. (

vents-sidebysideAs Hackerspaces are usually cutting edge environments to advances in technology that will trickle down in time, I’m watching the 3D printer being used more and more for practical purposes. The printed novelties were fun and educational, now we are getting into the real value of the printers.

This month I used Onshape, A free online CAD software solution to create a solution to a broken piece in my clothes dryer vent outlet. From years of use, the tiny protective grate that was found in the bottom of the exhaust chute had cracked and wore out. Continue reading