Hot Enough For Ya? Web-Connected Hackerspace Shares Environmental Conditions

hotenoughCome winter time, the hackerspace can get kind of cold. And in the summer, it can get darn hot! To give members a heads up of the current temperature in the ‘space before making the journey out here, we created a web-enabled temperature/humidity sensor.

The main device is an ESP8266 which reads a DHT-22 sensor. The temperature and humidity information is sent up to From there, a quick PHP script in our WordPress Widgets section can read and display the current temperature on the website. Since the DHT-22 can also do humidity, we opted for displaying that as well. Visiting the thingspeak page shows a graph of historical data.

ESP8266 Temperature Humidity

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S.O.S. : “Save Our Space”

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL MEMBERS of the CT Hackerspace Community
Your community is in real danger of closing.

After reviewing projected budget numbers, there will be a financial deficit by the end of the year.

computerHelpButton2Because of increasing expenses, and not enough income being derived from monthly computerHelpButton2membership dues (and income from workshops), CT Hackerspace has been running at a small, but not insignificant loss, for about the past year.

Action must be taken now or difficult decisions will need to be made about the future of the space from mandatory dues increase or up to the worst case, closing the space.

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CTH’s latest project: A Rebuild of the ULS M300 laser cutter.

CTH Make Haven PC Photo Laser Cutter

Bill and JR celebrate the two spaces working together.

When fellow makerspace MakeHaven started in New Haven, they inherited a laser cutter which had been abandoned. The model is the Universal Laser System M300 (50 watt). Make Haven now has sights on a new project: Two used Epologs in better condition. The m300 was then mothballed. MakeHaven’s first thought was that they could scrap it for parts or sell on ebay, but they decided they would rather see another space in Connecticut use it if there was interest. CT Hackerspace has taken on the challenge, and now will be actively pursuing rebuilding the broken laser cutter for use here at our space! Continue reading

Let’s not ignore the Elephant in the Room

elephant zeoscopeToday we had a herd of Elephants running around here at CTH. They are 3D printed and part of Dmitriy’s most recent project, a three dimensional zoetrope. He started by modeling 10 different elephants, each representing one-tenth of a stride. Each model is printed and attached to a spinning disk powered by a stepper motor. A bank of LEDs flash 10 times per revolution resulting in the illusion that the elephants are running. The contraption is powered by an old ATX power supply, 12v going to the stepper motor and 5v for the logic. An Arduino controls the stepper motor and times the LEDs.

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Milling Machine Fundamentals

CTH Equipment Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a Milling Machine? At our most recent “Intro to the CTH Workshop“, Matt gave a great overview of our Bridgeport milling machine. Attendees learned the specific uses for drilling, milling and boring as well as how to change the tool in the machine. Matt also went over using an edge finder and the DRO (digital readout) for super accurate positioning. Now, no piece of metal is safe from modification into some cool project. Each “Intro to the CTH Workshop” will focus on a different piece of equipment. Future workshops will be listed on MeetUp.

Internet of Things (IOT) workshop – Working with the ESP8266 10/10/15 1:00 PM

October 10th, 2015  1:00PM – Cost: $45 – 2hrs

Interested in the Internet of Things ( IOT ) you have been hearing so much about?

Want to publish values from a sensor to the Internet or your LAN?

Interested in Low Cost Microcontrollers that have built in Networking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this work shop is for you. This workshop will introduce you to the ESP8266 family of Wifi capable Microcontrollers that are more powerful than an Arduino yet can be purchased for less than $5.

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SQL Workshop: SQL Wars aka SQL Jumpstart

Felt left back in this data-centric era?SQL Icon

Have problems describing needed reports to colleagues?

Sean N. Henderson will be helping beginners understand how to get better results at work by understanding SQL – a language used to retrieve portions of data from a database.  Sean is a software developer and IT professional with over two decades experience working with databases and happy to share his knowledge and expertise in this area with the CT Hackerspace community.

Visit the CT Hackerspace EVENTBRITE PAGE for further details and pre-register for this event on September 21st at 7:30 PM. Continue reading