CT Hackerspace launching “Tiger Teams” to work on in – house projects.

In an effort for internal projects and improvements, CT Hackerspace is implementing “Tiger Teams” in addition to Action Meeting Tuesdays. CTH is creating a list of projects and team leaders to work on various efforts. See a board member for more details or to start your own project.

One of the first examples is a quick start from CTH member Reed. He has been proactive in heading up our 3D printer area Tiger Team for upgrading and repairs. He is assessing our plan to move forward. Make sure to reach out if you would like to help this effort. Reed has created an initial public document of what needs to be done to the 3D printers to fix/make them work better. feel free to add or suggest additions to this document.

15 thoughts on “CT Hackerspace launching “Tiger Teams” to work on in – house projects.

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